Browser Troubleshooting

Repeated random browser crashes

If your browser keeps crashing without warning, go back to the first entry in this list and do everything we told you to do there, because a lot of the troubleshooting steps are the same. Is your browser up to date? Are your extensions all working properly? Do you need to reinstall or reset your browser?

For crashes rather than a general slowdown, extensions or even particular websites are more likely to be the cause. If you’re running a beta version of your browser, try switching back to the stable channel to see if this helps to clear up the issues.

Anything else on your system could be causing compatibility problems too. Did you just install a printer that crashes browsers instantly? Are you sure? Unfortunately it’s not very easy to work out exactly what other factor might be involved, beyond uninstalling and reinstalling all your hardware devices and software programs one by one and trying your browser software again each time.

As a general rule, keep everything up to date—your device drivers, your other software, your operating system as a whole. This should help to minimize compatibility problems and stop anything else from interfering with your browser.

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