How can I grade some of my activities without the results affecting my students’ course total?

  1. Go to Grades and choose the “Category and items” tab.
  2. Add two Grade categories, one for your “Graded activities” and one for your “Not graded activities”. In the “Not graded activities” category choose “None” in grading type.
  3. Ensure that “Aggregate including subcategories” (an option visible only in “full view”) is unchecked for your top level course grade category.
  4. If you want to completely hide the “Not graded activities” category from your students tick the “Hidden” icon too.
  5. Save your changes.
  6. Move all your normally graded activities into the “Graded activities” category.
  7. Move all your excluded from grading activities into “Not graded activities” category.

Note: Following the above steps the not graded activities will be completely hidden from your students. So…

  • IF you want the activity grades of the “Not graded activities” category, to remain visible to your student without their grades affecting their course total, simply click the eye to show the “Not graded activities” category.
  • IF you want students to be able to see the activity grades and the category total of the “Not graded activities”, then you have to let the category visible and also choose a grading type between value, scale or text, by editing the category.

In this case you can exclude the “Not graded activities” from course total using the “Weighted mean of grades” aggregation method in Course category and assigning 100 weight to the “Graded activities” and 0 weight to the “Not graded activities”.

  • IF you don’t want to use grade categories, you can also exclude the grades of a specific activity by changing the “Multiplicator” (visible only in “full view”) from 1.0 into 0.0.
  • Last, IF you want to exclude the grade of an activity only to one or some specific students, then follow these steps:
  1. From the grader report “Turn editing on”
  2. Click the “Edit grade” icon of the activity of the student you want to exclude.
  3. In the Edit grade page, check the tick box next to the “Excluded” option and “Save changes”.
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