How do I give a fixed score for a successful quiz attempt?

Suppose you want to give 5 points for a passing grade (say, 70) in a certain quiz. Possible scenario ([1]): extra credit points to every student that gets a “passing grade” in a “practice test” at the end of each chapter covered in the course, to encourage them to practice after the homework quizzes and to get familiar with a “test type” situation before the actual test.

The following formula should do the trick:


The formula may be added to a designated grade item or category.

Sample calculations:

Score 70: =round((70/70)-0.49,0)*5 =round(1-0.49,0)*5 =round(0.51,0)*5 =1*5 =5

Score 69: =round((69/70)-0.49,0)*5 =round(0.98-0.49,0)*5 =round(0.49,0)*5 =0*5 =0

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