Why can’t I enter a grade higher than the maximum?

First, check with your administrators to make sure the unlimited grades setting is turned on. If that is not the problem, you might be using quick grading. If that is the problem, you can still enter grades higher than the maximum this way:

  1. Go to the Moodle gradebook “Grader Report” page.
  2. Use the button in the upper right to “Turn editing on” if it is not already on.
  3. In the upper right corner of each box for entering the grade, there should be an icon of a gear. Click on that.
  4. On the “Edit grade” screen that comes up, there’s a box for “Final grade”. You should be able to enter any number of points into that, even if it’s more than the maximum. (If this is an “Activity-based grade item” such as an Assignment or a Quiz, then you may also have to check the “Overridden” checkbox.)

If you expect a lot of students to get extra credit, it’s probably better to make it a separate grade item and mark it as extra credit instead, or else import the grades from a spreadsheet.

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