How can I try a quiz before it is released?

You have prepared a quiz exam for your students. It is currently in a hidden state. The exam opens on the day of the exam, at a time that the students know about. However, to satisfy yourself that it is doable in the time allotted, You wish to do a dry run yourself before that date. How can You accomplish this?

Method 1: Use the Preview feature available to you as a teacher as you are making the quiz.

Method 2:

  1. Make a dummy account with a name like “Test Student”.
  2. Enrol that user in the course as a student.
  3. Add a “User override” to the quiz, so “Test Student” can attempt the quiz before it is open to everyone else.
  4. Log in as “Test student”.
  5. Attempt the quiz.
  6. Log back in as teacher.
  7. Review the attempt.
  8. Go to Results -> Grades and delete the test attempt.
  9. Un-enrol “Test Student” from your course.

Method 3: Set up a Moodle Playground course for your teachers. Add teachers with dual role (teacher and student). Teachers can later copy the quiz/assignment/whatever over to their live class.

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