How To Edit a Course In Moodle


  1. Enter the course.
  2. In the top right corner of the screen, click the “Turn editing on” button.
  3. Add new Activities and Resources.
  4. Edit course Activities and Resources by using the icons that appear to the right of the module.
  5. Each icon performs different functions. Hover over the icons to learn what it does. Click on them to perform the task.
    • The left/right arrows will indent the module within the course list either right or left.
    • The crosshair to the left of the title will move the module to another location in the course.
    • The editing pen and paper icon will open the settings page for the module.
    • The red X icon will delete the module.
    • The eye icon will “hide” or “unhide” the module from student view.
    • The two people icon allows roles to be assigne
  6. In addition Add a block menu is available to add new blocks to a course
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