My embedded video is too big/small. How can I change its display size?

  • With the editing turned on, click the edit (hand/pen) icon to get into the HMTL editor where you embedded your video.
  • Click the HTML code icon:


  • You will see the code of your video there.
  • For videos you uploaded yourself… Find the file extension (such as flv or wmv) and just after the file extension and before the “, type in ?d=400×300(for example) where 400 and 300 are the width and height in pixels of the display size you wish your video to be:


  • For external videos you embedded with embed code…Change the height and width numbers to the size in pixels you wish your video to be:


  • Click Update and then, on the next screen, click Save changes. Your video will now display in a different size.
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