Page setup settings

Verify your page setup settings match your stock.

Open the new simple document you created in the previous step and the problematic document, and then compare the Page Setup settings.  Change any settings in the problematic document to match the settings in the new simple document.

If you skipped creating a new simple document, then you can use the following steps to check your page setup. We recommend measuring your stock with a ruler as opposed to using the dimensions listed on the labeling package. If the backing of the stock is of a greater width or height than the items, then measure the size of the backing (ie. edge to edge and perforation to perforation).

For more information refer to the help documentation Page Setup Dialog.

  1. Open your document in BarTender
  2. Click File > Page Setup
  3. Select the Page tab
  4. Select your Orientation
    1. Portrait: This setting is used if you are looking directly at your printer and the printout will not be rotated.
    2. Landscape: This setting is used if you are looking directly at your printer and the printout will be rotated 90* clockwise.
  5. Set Page Size
    1. Custom/ User defined page size: If your stock size is not a predefined option then you should enter the height and width measure in step one into the height and width fields.
  6. Select the Layout tab
  7. Set the Rows and Columns
  8. Set the Margins.  Note that the gap in between labels on a roll of stock is handled by the driver and does not need to be entered as a margin.
  9. Use the preview on the right to verify your BarTender settings match what your stock looks like
  10. Click OK to keep your changes
  11. Save your document
  12. Print your document
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